Calculate an environmental impact (in the form of CO2 emission) that a journey from point A to point B generate with 6 different transportation modes (aircraft, bus, car, ferry, train/tram/subway, motorcykel). For transportmode car, 3 sizes are supported (small, medium, large) DATA FORMAT The request message format is HTML and the response message format is HTML and JSON. The default response message format is HTML, i.e. if request message contain no format argument.

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API URL REQUEST MESSAGE ARGUMENTS Argument     Type       Comment startLat          double    mandatory, start latitude startLng         double    mandatory, start longitude endLat           double    mandatory, end latitude endLng          double    mandatory, end longitude format            string      default 'html', or json callback         string      optional callback function for JSONP REQUEST MESSAGE SAMPLE &format=html RESPONSE MESSAGE SAMPLE {  "params":{  "format":"json",  "startLat":"57.7097704",  "endLat":"57.6969943",  "endLng":"11.9865",  "startLng":"11.9661608"  },  "emissions":  [   {    "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":"BICYCLE",    "transportName":"Bicycle",    "totalCo2":0   },   {    "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":"WALKING",    "transportName":"Walking",    "totalCo2":0   },   {    "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":"TRAIN_SUBWAY_METRO",    "transportName":"Train, Subway",    "totalCo2":106   },   {     "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":"BUS",    "transportName":"Bus",    "totalCo2":121   },   {     "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":"TWO_WHEELER",    "transportName":"Two-wheeler",    "totalCo2":212   },   {     "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":"CAR",    "transportName":"Car, small",    "totalCo2":364   },   {    "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":"FERRY",    "transportName":"Ferry",    "totalCo2":379   },   {    "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":"CAR",    "transportName":"Car, medium",    "totalCo2":546   },   {    "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":"CAR",    "transportName":"Car, large",    "totalCo2":728},   {    "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":"AIRCRAFT",    "transportName":"Aircraft",    "totalCo2":743   },   {     "routedDistance":3036,    "transportCategory":    "OTHER",    "transportName":    "Other",    "totalCo2":759   }  ] }