Get selected information about how commuters using Commute Greener are comuting within an area. E.g. within a region, city or suburb. For the moment there is no versioning of the API, only a single version being supported.

DATA FORMAT The request message format is HTML and the response message format is HTML and JSON. The default response message format is HTML, i.e. if the request message contains no format argument.

For information about this API and usage please contact the support of: API URL REQUEST MESSAGE ARGUMENTS Argument       Type       Comment       startLat            double     mandatory, start latitude       startLng           double     mandatory, start longitude       startRadius      int            madatory, start radius (in metres)       endLat             double     mandatory, end latitude       endLng            double     mandatory, end longitude       endRadius       int            mandatory, end radius (in metres)       format              string       default 'html', or json       callback           string       optional callback function for JSONP   


RESPONSE MESSAGE SAMPLE {  "params":  {   "format":"json",   "startLat":"33.605381",   "to":"2011-07-11T08:00:11+0000",   "from":"2011-07-11T05:00:00+0000",   "endRadius":"80000",   "endLat":"33.605381",   "startRadius":"80000",   "endLng":"-7.631949",   "startLng":"-7.631949"  },   "prospects":    [     {       "jid":"437467",       "geoStart":"evfzmb",       "geoEnd":"evfx4q",       "timeStart":"2011-07-11T05:00:00.316Z",       "timeEnd":"2011-07-11T07:01:14.316Z",       "segments":       [        {         "points":         [          {           "geo":"evfzmb",           "time":"2011-07-04T05:00:00.000Z"          },          {           "geo":"evfwg1",           "time":"2011-07-04T05:00:01.001Z"          }         ],          "grammesCO2":4448,          "distance":63546,          "sharing":2,          "name":"Two-wheeler",          "category":"TWO_WHEELER",          "maxSharing":2,          "imageUrl":"images/co2TwoWheeler.png"        },        {         "points":         [          {           "geo":"evfwg1",           "time":"2011-07-04T05:54:25.025Z"          },          {           "geo":"evfx4q",           "time":"2011-07-04T05:54:26.026Z"          }         ],          "grammesCO2":1973,          "distance":10966,          "sharing":1,          "name":"Car, medium",          "category":"CAR",          "maxSharing":5,          "imageUrl":"images/co2CarM.png"        }       ],        "grammesCO2":4197,        "distance":74512      },      {       "jid":"437468",       "geoStart":"evfqty",       "geoEnd":"evfx4q",       "timeStart":"2011-07-11T05:01:00.541Z",       "timeEnd":"2011-07-11T05:29:53.541Z",       "segments":       [        {         "points":         [          {           "geo":"evfqty",           "time":"2011-07-04T05:01:00.000Z"          },          {           "geo":"evfx4q",           "time":"2011-07-04T05:01:01.001Z"          }         ],          "grammesCO2":2805,          "distance":23380,          "sharing":3,          "name":"Car, small",          "category":"CAR",          "maxSharing":5,          "imageUrl":"images/co2CarS.png"        }       ],        "grammesCO2":935,        "distance":23380      },      {       "jid":"437469",       "geoStart":"evfx4s",       "geoEnd":"evfx4m",       "timeStart":"2011-07-11T05:02:00.750Z",       "timeEnd":"2011-07-11T07:03:32.750Z",       "segments":       [        {         "points":         [          {           "geo":"evfx4s",           "time":"2011-07-04T05:02:00.000Z"          },          {           "geo":"evfx4m",           "time":"2011-07-04T05:02:00.000Z"          }         ],         "grammesCO2":105,         "distance":2639,         "sharing":1,         "name":"Bus",         "category":"BUS",         "maxSharing":1,         "imageUrl":"images/co2Bus.png"        }       ],        "grammesCO2":105,        "distance":2639        },         {          "jid":"437471",          "geoStart":"ey51kd",          "geoEnd":"ey51s3",          "timeStart":"2011-07-11T05:03:00.153Z",          "timeEnd":"2011-07-11T07:04:32.153Z",          "segments":          [           {            "points":            [             {              "geo":"ey51kd",              "time":"2011-07-04T05:03:00.000Z"             },             {              "geo":"ey51s3",              "time":"2011-07-04T05:03:00.000Z"             }            ],             "grammesCO2":211,             "distance":6054,             "sharing":1,             "name":"Train, Subway",             "category":"TRAIN_SUBWAY_METRO",             "maxSharing":1,             "imageUrl":"images/co2Train.png"           }          ],            "grammesCO2":211,        "distance":6054     }    ] }


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