GTFS Sverige 2

GTFS Sverige 2 is a GTFS dataset which covers all public transport in Sweden.

What does this dataset contain?

GTFS Sverige 2 is our national feed. It contains all public transport in the entire country of Sweden. The data is correct, but lacks the details which are included in the GTFS Regional dataset.

Data format

The data is in the GTFS format, and makes use of the GTFS Extensions.

How often is this dataset updated?

The static data in this dataset is updated when changes are made, at most one time per day.

Which operators are covered by this dataset?

All operators which operate in Sweden are covered by GTFS Sverige 2.

How often does the data format changes? Do breaking changes happen?

This dataset has the stable status. This means that we will communicate when fields are added, or changed. When breaking changes are made, you will get three months or more to update your implementations.

Historical data

The historical data contains information for a period of more than 5 years. It is an excellent dataset to analyse evolutions over time.