ResRobot v2

What is ResRobot?

ResRobot is a collection of APIs which provide information for public transport in entire Sweden. It consists of four endpoints.

  • ResRobot Timetables allows you to find departures and arrivals for those stations
  • ResRobot Routeplanner allows you to find ways to travel from A to B
  • ResRobot Stop lookup allows you to search for stops and to obtain their ID
  • ResRobot Nearby stops allows you to search for nearby stops based on coordinates.

When should I use ResRobot?

ResRobot is an API which answers to specific questions, such as “when does the next bus leave from stop X”. The response is quick and easy to use, and can be used directly without having to process it first. This makes it a good fit for example smartphone applications where travellers need an answer on their queries, but a poor choice for analytics where a lot of data from a lot of vehicles is needed.

Well suited for Not so suited for
Quickly getting the next departures from a stop Analysing public transport information
Quickly calculating a route from A to B Applications requiring huge amounts of API calls
Digital Signage Data visualisation
Mobile applications Building your own route-planner algorithm
Websites and widgets
If you want to do analytics, or if your service will have more than a million active users, we recommend using GTFS and hosting your own API based on that data. One GTFS file can transfer more information than a million API calls.