ResRobot error codes

When a request to the Resrobot APIs cannot be answered, an error response is thrown. This error response has an identical format between all Resrobot API endpoints, and looks like the example code below.

  "errorCode": "API_AUTH",
  "errorText": "access denied for 'key' on 'service' "
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<Error errorCode="API_AUTH" errorText="access denied for 'key' on 'service'">

Complete list of error codes

The following error codes can be thrown by Resrobot. For each Resrobot error code, the according HTTP code and description are provided. Note that not all error messages are actively used by the current

Error codeHTTP CodeDescription
API_AUTH403access denied for ‘key’ on ‘service’
API_QUOTA400quota exceeded for ‘key’ on ‘service’
API_TOO_MANY_REQUESTS429too many requests
API_PARAM400required parameter «name» is missing
API_PARAM400numB wrong, only number in range [0,6] allowed
API_PARAM400numF wrong, only number in range [0,6] allowed
API_PARAM400numF + numB not greater than [6] allowed
API_FORMAT400response format not supported
SVC_PARAM400request parameter missing or invalid
SVC_LOC400location missing or invalid
SVC_LOC_ARR400arrival location missing or invalid
SVC_LOC_DEP400departure location missing or invalid
SVC_LOC_VIA400unknown change stop
SVC_LOC_EQUAL400start/destination or vias are equal
SVC_LOC_NEAR400start and destination too close
SVC_DATATIME400date/time missing or invalid
SVC_DATATIME_PERIOD400date/time not in timetable or allowed period
SVC_PROD400product field missing or invalid
SVC_CTX400context invalid
SVC_NO_RESULT400no result found
SVC_FAILED_SEARCH500unsuccessful search
SVC_NO_MATCH422no match found
INT_ERR500internal error
INT_GATEWAY503communication error with backend systems
INT_TIMEOUT503timeout during service processing