SL’s APIs is a collection of 7 APIs which provide information about planned and realtime traffic.

SL are currently updating and renewing their API’s. 7 API’s will become 5:

  • SL Transport (new: replaces Departures v4 & Stops and lines v2)
  • SL Deviations (new: replaces Service Alerts & Traffic Status)
  • SL Route-planner v3.1 (updated: new url)
  • SL Stop lookup (updated: new url)
  • SL Nearby stops 2 (updated: new url)
Well suited forNot so suited for
Quickly getting the next departures from a stopAnalysing public transport information
Quickly calculating a route from A to BApplications requiring huge amounts of API calls
Digital SignageData visualisation
Mobile applicationsBuilding your own route-planner algorithm
SL’s APIs only offer data for SL’s traffic. ResRobot offers the same data for entire Sweden.
If you want to do analytics, or if your service will have more than a million active users, we recommend using GTFS data directly, or hosting your own API based on GTFS data.