SL Stop lookup


Using this API, you can retrieve information regarding SLs stops by providing a part of the name of a stop. You can opt to only search for stops, or to search for both stops, addresses and places.


Json or xml, as specified in the API request.

API key quota levels

LevelMax requests/minuteMax requests/month
Bronze3010 000
Silver60100 000
GoldAs needed



The old URL<FORMAT>?key=<YOUR_KEY>&searchstring=<QUERY> has changed on November 16th, and will stop working on March 15th. Query parameters, response bodies and API keys remain unchanged.


The following parameters can be provided in the query string:

KeyStringYesYour API key.
SearchStringStringYesThe search query, limited to 20 characters.
StationsOnlyBooleanNoWhether to search for stations only, or to even include addresses and places. true in order to only search stops. true by default.
MaxResultsIntegerNoThe maximum number of result to return. Between 1 and 50, default 10.
typeStringNoType filter for stops:
  • S: Stations only
  • P: Points of interests (POI) only
  • A: Addresses only
  • SP: Stations and POIs
  • SA: Stations and addresses
  • AP: Addresses and POI
  • ALL: Stations, Addresses and POI

Example call<YOUR KEY><YOUR KEY>


Response structure

StatusCodeIntegerContains a status code corresponding to the possible message
MessageStringContain error messages in case something went wrong. See “Error messages” below.
ExecutionTimeLongHow long time the server needed to generate the response, in milliseconds.
ResponseDataSitesThe actual response


SitesListA list of all found sites.


NameStringThe name of the stop
SiteIdIntegerThe id of the stop area.
TypeStringThe place type: ”Station”, ”Address” or ”Poi” (Point of interest).
XStringX-coordinate in SWEREF format.
YStringY-coordinate in SWEREF format.

Example response

  "StatusCode": 0,
  "Message": null,
  "ExecutionTime": 0,
  "ResponseData": [
      "Name": "Odenplan (Stockholm)",
      "SiteId": "9117",
      "Type": "Station",
      "X": "18049099",
      "Y": "59342901",
      "Products": null
      "Name": "Odengatan/Valhallavägen (Stockholm)",
      "SiteId": "1082",
      "Type": "Station",
      "X": "18065891",
      "Y": "59346622",
      "Products": null
      "Name": "Stockholm Odenplan (Stockholm)",
      "SiteId": "1079",
      "Type": "Station",
      "X": "18045683",
      "Y": "59343116",
      "Products": null
      "Name": "Odengatan/Sveavägen (Stockholm)",
      "SiteId": "1030",
      "Type": "Station",
      "X": "18055311",
      "Y": "59344294",
      "Products": null
      "Name": "Odenvägen (Lidingö)",
      "SiteId": "2059",
      "Type": "Station",
      "X": "18133795",
      "Y": "59367396",
      "Products": null
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ResponseOfListOfSite xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">
            <Name>Odenplan (Stockholm)</Name>
            <Name>Odengatan/Valhallavägen (Stockholm)</Name>
            <Name>Stockholm Odenplan (Stockholm)</Name>
            <Name>Odengatan/Sveavägen (Stockholm)</Name>
            <Name>Odenvägen (Lidingö)</Name>


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