Read about projects which use our data - everything from large companies using our data directly in their vehicles, to third party developers building specific apps for just their day-to-day needs.

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Veridict LiveLine™

LiveLine™ is an all-inclusive product suite for live network mapping within public transportation, launched in 2023 by the Swedish tech startup Veridict. LiveLine™ utilizes dynamic data to transform historically static, printed maps into live network maps (Swe: Levande Linjekartor), resulting in a new digital experience and increased passenger satisfaction.

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Swiftly is a big-data and insights platform designed to help improve operational efficiency and service reliability in the public transport industry. The platform connects authorities, operators, and municipalities to improve passenger satisfaction and save costs. Since Swiftly is using data from Trafiklab, we were curious to find out more about this exciting and promising platform.

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Flowmapper collects and stores public transport data and can thus show what the accessibility of public transport looks like. Through this analysis platform, it is possible to streamline public transport, shorten travel time and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Theme image is Swedens only service which combines public transport with carpooling. Skjutsgruppen, the group behind the website, consists today of over 70.000 members.

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In August Citymapper launched its travel and navigation app for Stockholm.

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The Resledaren application makes it easy to travel using public transport, especially for people with cognitive issues, such as adhd and autism. With additional reminders and overviews for the journey, this app provides the support many need to travel independently using public transport.

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Since a year ago, travellers in Stockholm’s city centre have been able to get real-time traffic information directly on screens on board the blue buses with the KeoScreens service. For example, they can see upcoming stops, possible changes and how many minutes it is to the change. The result is more satisfied travellers - as many as 95% say the screens make their journey easier. KeoScreens is the brainchild of the operator Keolis, which came up with the idea three years ago when it submitted a tender for Stockholm’s inner city bus services.