LiveLine™ is an all-inclusive product suite for live network mapping within public transportation, launched in 2023 by the Swedish tech startup Veridict. LiveLine™ utilizes dynamic data to transform historically static, printed maps into live network maps (Swe: Levande Linjekartor), resulting in a new digital experience and increased passenger satisfaction.

Veridict, the company behind LiveLine™, is a Swedish product company operating within the realm of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The company develops global products in the transportation and traffic sector, with a specialization in passenger transport related ITS, Traffic Systems, and Geographic Information System (GIS) technology. The company has used data from Trafiklab since 2015 for their products and services, mainly GTFS realtime.

The History of Network maps

Tracing back to the late 19th century, network and transit maps have served as a vital element in public transportation and traffic information systems. Characterized by their unique design of multicolored lines, they allow for effortless navigation and instant understanding of the public transportation system. As a fundamental tool for traffic information, network maps significantly enhance passenger satisfaction by providing:

  • Easy comprehension
  • A clear traffic system overview
  • Rapid, intuitive display of interchange opportunities, lines, and stations
  • A universal and established interface, ensuring accessibility for everyone

Live network maps – The Future of Traffic Information

Thanks to the advent of dynamic data, the next generation of network maps is here. By adding a layer of real-time positioning data, an enriched experience is provided to passengers. A cursory glance at the live network map offers crucial information, such as the next departure, interchange options, and more. This comes in handy especially in stressful situations, when time is critical, and browsing a journey planner or website might be impractical.

LiveLine™ in action, sped up to 16x speed LiveLine™ in action, sped up to 16x speed

The value of Live network maps is particularly apparent during delays or traffic disruptions. Passengers can instantly view the positions of incoming trains or buses, even when digital signage fails to provide accurate information. As a tool for improving traffic information, Live network maps increase customer satisfaction and boost brand awareness for transport operators using them. The Swedish Public Transport Authority, Östgötatrafiken, currently utilizes a Live network map at the travel center in Linköping, courtesy of Veridict.

LiveLine™ in Linköping Resecentrum LiveLine™ in Linköping Resecentrum

“We’ve identified a significant demand for these live maps, and public transport authorities have acknowledged the tremendous benefits digital maps present, both for passengers as well as reduced cost of maintenance. We are proud to spioneer this technology and packaging for Live network maps”, states Alexander Seward, CEO of Veridict.

You have collected data from Trafiklab since 2015. How do you experience our service?

“We think it’s very convenient that the data is collected in the same place, and it is often requested from our partners to use Trafiklab. From our perspective, it is very positive that individual traffic operators are increasing their data over time” says Alexander.

What do you think about the future for the type of systems you are developing?

“We see a trend towards simpler and more easy-to-use user interfaces and features, with the passenger in focus. At the same time, high-quality real-time data will be increasingly important. Based on that, we see that the concept of Live network maps is very timely.”


Launched in: Beginning of 2023 in Sweden

Type of Service: Live network maps – Digital network maps cognizant of the real-time traffic situation. These maps simplify navigation, provide up-to-date information, and facilitate journey planning for passengers.

  • Can be easily adapted to existing maps – which are familiar to passengers
  • For all channels - from large screens to smartphones
  • Complete solution - Maximum cost-effectiveness!
  • Long-term support with modern formats that simplify updates and future changes.
  • For the entire trip – train, commuter train, bus
  • Hosting system with high security, monitoring and support
  • No need for additional IT-resources
  • Access to solid expertise and experience within the field

Learn more here:

Data from Trafiklab: GTFS Realtime data

About Veridict: Veridict is a product company operating within the realm of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). The company develops global products in the transportation and traffic sector, with a specialization in passenger transport related ITS, Traffic Systems, and GIS technology. The foundation of the company’s operations lies in its technological innovations within automation, real-time systems, and ITS. Its customer segments include private companies and traffic authorities.