Improving Trafiklab

Publishing your data on Trafiklab

The more data, the merrier! We encourage others to also open up their (transport) data, and will gladly share the news. Public transport operators and other mobility services can integrate their APIs with Trafiklab, so users can get API keys the same way as they do for our own internal APIs. A beautiful example of this are the SL and Oxyfi api’s which can be found at Contact us for more information on how this is done. If you’re not integrating with Trafiklab, you can still get a place on our other APIs page. Again, contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Fixing bugs in our code and documentation

We’re always striving to deliver high quality documentation and code examples. Unfortunately, bugs, typos and errors happen. If you found a mistake, you can either report it through Kundo or GitHub, or you can fix it directly yourself.

Problem locationWhere to reportHow to fix
Trafiklab.seOur kundo support forums
Website documentationOur kundo support forums or the github repositoryClick the “Edit on GitHub” button on the page
Swagger documentationOur kundo support forums or the github repositoryPull request in
Open-source example code or SDKThe projects issue trackerPull request in the projects repository

Working at Trafiklab

All job applications go through Samtrafiken i Sverige AB. You can check for job openings here: