Our SDKs and libraries

If you’re using PHP, you’re lucky! We developed open-source SDKs which offer those 3 features, both for the ResRobot and SL APIs. They are interchangeable, meaning your code doesn’t need any modification to change the data source. They are also updated when APIs are updated, meaning you don’t get breaking changes in your code.

The SDKs can be found at GitHub:

Installation is as easy as composer require trafiklab/resrobot-php-sdk or composer require trafiklab/sl-php-sdk.

For an example on how these are used, you can look at the readme docs, or in our Google Assistant demo project .

Using the APIs in other programming languages

Our SDKs are only available in PHP right now, but you can of course code your own API clients. Let us know if there are specific languages you’d like to see SDKs for. You can still use the source code of our SDKs to see which parameters we send to the APIs and which fields we parse. If you get stuck, you can always reach out to Trafiklab using our support forum.