Creating a project

Disable browser plugins like Google Translate when creating a project. They are known to cause issues on the developer portal, when logging in, creating accounts and creating projects.
You need an account in order to create projects. Haven’t created an account yet? Get started here.

After logging in, you can head to your profile page to create your first project. In order to do this, head to your personal page, by hovering over your profile name in the top-right corner and selecting " profil och project". Hit the purple “Skapa nytt project” and fill in a cool name for your next project.

After entering a name, you can select which APIs you want to use. Don’t worry if you’re still unsure about which ones you need - you can change this and other settings later. Projects which will be included get marked in purple.

Screenshot of the API picking screen

Enter a short description and some tags for your project, so others can easily find it. Thereafter, you can press the save button (“spara”) to create your project.

Only projects with the “lanserat” (launched) status are publicly visible.

Right now, the developer portal is not available in English yet. While these guides should help you to get started, the following list of common Swedish words should help you to get around on the developer portal.

  • Spara: Save/Submit
  • Tillbaka: Back
  • Radera: Delete
  • Hämta: Fetch
  • Skapa: Create
  • Nyckel: (API) key
  • Nivå: Level
  • Konto: Account