Creating an account

Creating an account on Trafiklab is required in order to create projects and API keys.

Disable browser plugins like Google Translate when creating a project. They are known to cause issues on the developer portal, when logging in, creating accounts and creating projects.

To start, go the account creation page.

If you have a GitHub account, you can register and login through GitHub. In order to do so, just click the “Sign up using GitHub” button.

You need to fill in a valid mail address and username. This email address will be used to contact you if we make changes to an API you are using. Your email address will never be made public.

Screenshot of the e-mail address and username fields

While the first- and last-name fields are required, you use your initials if you want. You can also, optionally, sign up for the Trafiklab newsletter.

After filling in your information, you need to accept the terms and conditions and confirm you’re not a robot.

Screenshot of the terms and conditions checkbox

Screenshot of the CAPTCHA challenge proving you're human

Hit the submit button on the bottom of the page, and you will receive a one-time login link in your email. Using this link you can log in and choose a password.

Right now, the developer portal is not available in English yet. While these guides should help you to get started, the following list of common Swedish words should help you to get around on the developer portal.

  • Spara: Save/Submit
  • Tillbaka: Back
  • Radera: Delete
  • Hämta: Fetch
  • Skapa: Create
  • Nyckel: (API) key
  • Nivå: Level
  • Konto: Account