After almost eight years, SL replaces the Stops and Lines v2 and Departure v4 APIs with 1 new API which combines the features of these two. The SL Transport API is built from the ground up on new back-end systems, which should improve system stability and simplify the old architecture which consisted of 7 APIs.

The new API does not require API keys, and can be used without a Trafiklab account. While there are no quota, you should still not make more requests than required and aim for efficient solutions.

Users of SL Departures v4, as well as users of Stops and Lines v2 need to switch to the new API before March 31st 2024. We regret the short migration period, which is caused by the large changes behind the scenes in SL’s data flows. For users of SL Departures v4, the new endpoint to look for is Departures from site.

This new API is released shortly after the SL Deviations API. Using this API, you can get information regarding deviations on SLs transport network. SL Deviations replaces the older Service Alerts and Traffic Status APIs. Keep in mind that even other SL APIs have received updated URLs. A list of all changes to SL APIs can be found here.

The new documentation can be found here. For suggestions and feedback, feel free to contact us through Kundo at