Team data

BeThere was created by team #17 Passion is Mandatory, consisting of Zhe Li and Karl Svartholm.

Short description of the service

BeThere is a seamlesly integrating, non-intrusive automatic reminder that makes sure that your at the right place at the right time. It utilizes your calendar while encouraging you to use public transportation.

Background and vision with the service

We tought "Wouldn't it be nice to never have to think about which tram to take when, which bus to take where or when they change the schedules for the summer?" also "Wouldn't be nice to never have to set the morning alarm?" and then "Maybe my phone can do all of this for me and maybe without me having to tap a single button..."

We aim to make public transporation more attractive and hopefully causing more people to choose this option over other less sustainable ones.

Objectives and target group with the service

We want to make peoples lives easier by giving them one less thing to worry about. We currently target everyone owning a smartphone who uses a digital calendar and public transporation. It is especially useful if you have most events in your calander and it should make life much easier for those who have an irregular schedule. The personas who might be interested are ofcourse Oscar, but also Jacob and if Sofia owns a smartphone this application should come in handy given her presumably shattered schedule.

Description of the functionality

Idealy BeThere doesn't require any configuration at all, you install it and it will start to monitor your calendar and your current location. It will check when you need to leave home (or wherever your are) in order to be on time for your next event and notify you well in advance as well as wake you up if you are asleep. If your aren't already on your way it will notify you one more time when you really have to head to the bus. Of course you will also be informed of which stop to go to, which tram or bus to take and if there are any transers.

Additionally the application can do the same for facebook events, in fact that it what the prototype does now as a proof of concept.

API’s and Data sources

Västtrafik Reseplanering

Facebook's API (to fetch event information)

Contribution to the Developer Recognition Award (if the team competes in this award)

Self-estimation of the status of service completeness

I think that the minimum viable product should be tested by real user. To get there we may need 80 man hours. To effectively implement calender functionality on android and iphone we may need an other 80 hours. But these are nothing but guesses of course. Also, when we have done that the AwesomeSearch for destinations, the automatic travel pattern analyser with passive suggester and the don't-miss-the-last-tram feature would be really nice to have...

Business Model Canvas

References to parts in the prototype which has another source than TravelHack 2011





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