Since time immemorial, people have searched for the means of addressing and representing their fears, lifestyles, success and failures. They have done this by means of art, and a lot of art items can be traced back to the period of many centuries ago. People kept migrating and they left inscriptions on the walls of the caves, drawings on stones and clay pamphlets. These became the first documented works of art that were discovered since men wanted to continue with their creative work even after the onset of civilization. This made the gleaners painting analysis in the field of art start investigating the growth of this area. They conducted a lot of researches and found out that the history of mankind could be relayed using the discovered works of art. This is because man has a great affinity for art and this trait has not changed in the course of human development. Most of the discovered works of art are documented and stored in many museums across the world; they are the ideal relics of the history of mankind.