Team Data

Team Name: Fantastic 4

Team Members:

Majid Sadeghi Garmaroudi

Karol Gusak

Adam Miklosi

            Seyed Morteza Montazeri

Description of service:

GGG is a game that assigns points to the users based on the way they travel in a city. Users need to press start a journey button and after they reached to their destination, press on finish journey. GGG automatically identifies transportation types and calculate desire points. GGG has designed as the way that gives highest points for zero-emission journeys and lowest for cars.

Background and vision

Idea of this software came from this that we have a good amount of software that have designed and implemented specially for calculating amount of co2 and providing different functionality for user to travel more greener. There is always a problem in these softwares that they do not motivate people in a correct way to use them more and usually users get board after sometime using them. We thought, how we can motivate people to be greener! Based on current level of social network usage such as Facebook and Twitter and having fun with competing with our friends, we came up with this idea.

Objectives and target groups

Because of nature of games, usually young people are their main users and based on this fact, our users will be young people between 16-38 and with reviewing the presented personas, we believe Sofia and Oscar will be our active users as we described here:

Sofia: Using public transportation everyday leads her to have a good chance to win some of our unique trophies about buses or trams.

Oscar: According to his life style, he has a great opportunity to earn different types of trophies in different areas such as biking, walking, public transportation and … It helps him to get more points and also compete with his friends.

Main features


For the begining, we use Facebook for our authentication. Later we will add Twitter also.


Start/Stop journey

After user logged in to the system with his/her Facebook account, he/she can start his/her journey with pressing this button at the main window of the application. GGG will automatically track and analyze his/her path and after that, assign the desire points to him/her.



It contains list of all missions that are in progress and those that haven’t started yet. User can see the details of each mission and see how he can finish it.



After user finished a mission, he/she will be rewarded with a trophy. They all have a unique name and funny description. User can also click on each trophy and see the details of it.




In this page, user can see  his/her information. We provided some statistics and the last trophy that the user has earned. 



We use map to help users to have a better understanding of where they are going. We also help them to get optional information about nearest public transportations. Map shows path that user has passed till current location.


API’s and Data sources

During our work, we used Commute Greener’s API and also Västtrafik. Here we described where and how we used them:

Commute Greener:

After each journey in our application, we calculate transportation types and after that, we use their API to calculate amount of CO2 that user produced during his/her journey. We have some cool trophies for those who produce less CO2 in one or two month.


In our map view, we use Västtrafik’s API to show the nearest buss/tram stations for users. We hope to develope more functionality around this API and let the user even buy his/her ticket from our system thorw this API.


Based on our estimation and those details that we ignored because of the time constraints during the competition, we believe 200 hours can be a good estimation for releasing a version that satisfy first expections of our users.