Jackson Waugh, just shut up, you have no truth that the Rays are far better than the Indians and that they are far better than the Indians all time. And you think telling me"closed up" all the time is  Buy MLB 19 Stubs gonna do something to you. If I didn't have Chief Wahoo because my profile picture, I would not have a 13 year old child telling me how the ``''Rays are better compared to Indians''''. You don't even live of the quantity of MLB The Show 19 that I live. However, the Indians are a poor MLB The Show 19 team 91-71, YEA. The AL East includes the 47-115 Orioles, which can be a VERY great MLB The Show 19 team!!! No-one is talking about the Angels can't even make the playoffs. But the Indians SUUUUCK!!! You would have no roast if the Indians won 5 games and won a game in the playoffs. You merely use the 1 game lead to roast a solid MLB The Show 19 group, that you think sucks!!!?

Ok well we didn't get trapped from the playoffs. We won as many games as y’all. Only because I use a thunder shirt doesn't mean I like the MLB The Show 19 team. Also the rays have bullpen issues and they had two or three starters last season and they still won 90 games so that you can't say they suck. So stop saying the beams and dodgers are awful since the beams have a better record from y’all along with also the dodgers can actually win a playoff game so get off your 11 year ass and find some facts cause you can't.

The Brewers are where they belong. They are a deep MLB The Show 19 team with quite a few position players that are multi-dimensional. This pitching staff just doesn't instill fear. When the hitters can stay healthy they will stay in that competitive group. Don't forget that they won the division in a 1 game playoff against the Cubs and the Cards in a very down year for them after Marcell Ozuna frustrated final season only got one of MLB The Show 19's very best players who only real fans know around, Paul Goldschmidt. Goldy can easily help make up that 6.5 game gap from past years standings for the Cards. The Brew team are good and that I was actually rooting for them in the playoffs last year, but one really strong season doesn't mean they ought to be thrust to the upper echelon of MLB The Show 19.

The Cubs won 95 games with numerous key accidents for  MLB The Show 19 Stubs for sale the first time because 2015 (when they started winning) and also several hitters having career lows. It is beyond me how many individuals seriously think (then again, perhaps it's just despise ) the Cubs are 3rd place at greatest in the NL Central right now.