Setup your home station and work station to get filtered train data in real time with 20 seconds update interval. Choose the train companies you travel with to get tailored information about your usual departures.

With this App, you will get the information as if you standing on the platform and looking at the board. With one glance you will know any change on the daily commute, like a delay, a track change, or any other notification.

Do you have a transit station, no problem, you can get the trains that stop in your transit station when you search for "home to work" or "work to home" trips.

You can also setup schedules for your daily trips, and the app will automatically recognize them and get you the information you need when you need it.

Note: All the train information is real time traffic information pulled directly from Trafikverket.

Note: this is not a planning or scheduling or booking app. The intended audience is regular commuters who have period cards from train companies.