Description of SocialTrip app:


SocialTrip is a travel planning app. The app is based on the idea of making public transportations social. The app is built on a social network of travellers who plans their trips based on collective actions of other actors on the network. In so doing, travellers will be encouraged to use public transportations more than they used to and-or encourage travellers to shift from their private to public transportations.


SocialTrip as a Private social travel planning technique:


Following a private method, travellers will be able to catch up and follow their private friends travel plans. This means traveller A will be able to see what travel plans his friends B, C and D decided and confirmed. This will be in an interest of many travellers who wants to join friends for a chat while travelling and leave their cars away from their movements.


SocialTrip as an Open social travel planning technique:


This will allow travellers to check the number of travellers who confirms using a particular travel plan or path. This can affect the way of choosing a plan or a path based on the number of users “which might mean that Bus X will be crowded, Bus C will be less crowded”, this is targeting travellers with moods that are sensitive of the crowd whether positive or negative.


SocialTrip is based on three social factors:


which will be mainly used to inspire travellers when choosing among various trips or one particular trip:


1.     Economical Feature: This feature will provide travellers with economical measures in how a particular travel plan can play considerable role in savings their budget.


2.     Environmental Feature: This feature will provide travellers with environmental measures in how choosing a certain travel plan will help saving environment. E.g co2 emissions based on what travel mean used. Bus, train, tram or mix of them and the distance between two points.


3.     Health Feature: This feature will provide travellers with measurements focusing on how choosing a specific travel plan will affect their health conditions. For example, one plan might require user to walk some hundred meters from one destination to another which means losing some calories based on this movement.


SocialTrip is a multi-language app:


SocialTrip is an app with multiple languages’ interface. Swedish, English, Arabic, Turkish and Persian are the most spoken language by Swedish population. For this reason, and in order to target a wide range of travellers the app is supporting this very significant feature.



Why SocialTrip


SocialTrip is meant to change the way of how travellers view and perceive public transportation. Giving users a new experience of travelling will surely affect their decisions and increase their awareness of public transportations.  


Viewing a certain travel plan as an enjoyable activity rather than boring one is a core aim. Knowing who is travelling with you, sharing some routes will change the way how we travel. The provided features of the SocialTrip will enable users to also concentrate on the benefits of choosing certain route than others, or even dump private travels for one particular public transportation route. In the long run, this means doubling the number of travellers using public transportations routes and plans.


Target Audience


SocialTrip targets all travellers’ groups. Mainly those who concentrate about the context of the journey rather than the journey itself. Trying to link this to some of the personas we had on hands:


1.     Jacob (44): SocialTrip helps Jacob. Jacob is very interested on the context of the journey. He concentrates on enjoying his journey and spending every moment in reading, and the “crowd” of travellers means a lot for him. Thus, SocialTrip will enable Jacob to identify which travel plan to choose based on his criteria of available chairs, number of passengers and the crowd. He will also be able to have a social graph about any particular travel trip.


2.     Cinta (32): SocialTrip helps Cinta. Cinta has kids and always use the stroller. She faces the problem of not finding places for her, kids and stroller. Cinta is then looking for a service that knows the context of any travel plan very well. Using SocialTrip will enable Cinta not only to identify if a certain travel route and the means of travel are crowded, and is other strollers are occupying the places, but also will enable her to identify friends and others who use a particular route in which they can help her in different ways.










Screenshots and Functionalities



1.    Main and Login Screen: Main login screen contains:




a.     Username (e-mail address).

b.     Password.

c.      Create new account.

d.     Multiple language option







2.    Multiple Language Menu: (allow users to shift the entire app between 5 most spoken languages in Sweden and among residents).










3.    Trip Finding and Planning:




A user has to  choose location he wants to travel from and his final destination. Then choosing the time of departures and click Search Travel.







4.    More functionalities concerning locations and destinations: These meant to help travellers and reduce efforts to find locations.  Make it simple, easy and quick:




1.     Search: will enable user to serach addresses based on addresses, street names, etc..

2.     Map search: user can identify address based on the map by locating a location or destination directly.

3.     Nearst place to me: User can select the nearets station based on his current location.

4.     My position: gives you the geographical GPS attributes.




5.    Searching locations and destinations:




6.    Nearest stops to my current location:




This functiinaluty allow users to have all nearstes stops near him-her and the excat distance between his current location and nearest stops.











7.    Get your current location on the map and find your destinations manually, another option that some users might like. The red signs are the stops nearby.












8.    The Socialized Search Results:

Text Box: The number of traveller private friends that choose this trip route and will be in it 


Text Box: The overall number of travellers who use the application and will take this route and approve it.










9.    Checking who is taking a particular route from closed friends list.












10.         The traveller is checking a route and confirming taking it. He then has the option to make this private so nobody knows he is taking this route or making it public for friends. So they can follow him and take same trip route and make travel social.









11. All info about the chosen trip route. And three main features that will encourage you to chose one particular route. 


Text Box: Environmental info. In number on how will you save the environment by choosing this trip route.    Health Info. Information on numbers on how many calories, etc, will lose if you choose this trip route.     Economical Info. Information in numbers on how much money you will save in choosing this trip route










12. Health Info 














13. Economical Info 













14. Environmental Info 









How ready is the Service?


We would say that SocialTrip app needs more work to make it to the market. We may say that we already done 35% percent of the work but more work and efforts should be done in the future.  This might require having more partners in this process that will enhance the overall development of  SocialTravel.



  Web servies: methods:-GetAllStops : Gets All stops with their id, coordinates and priority in xml -GetAllSuggestions :Gets a list of stops and adresses matching the search string for with highest ranking in search algoritm, handles spelling mistakes etc.-GetStopListBasedOnCoordinate: Gets 10 nearest stops and their distance from a given point in RT90 coordinate sysem-GetTravelPlannerDescription :Gets the description file for the travelplanner, includes id's, vehicletypes etc  -GetRoute :Gets a travelplanner route with default change marginal time of 5-7 minutes and no via stop. whenId = 1 is leave no earlier than, whenId = 2 is arrive no earlier than. priorityid = 1 is shortest journey, priorityid = 2 is few changes, priorityid = 3 is no changes. Identifier is a distributed id.