Extra files

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Extra files are files which provide additional information about the information in the GTFS files. They are not part of the GTFS standard, but contain the information which is needed to link the GTFS files to internal operator systems, or other data which is delivered by the operator. These files can be downloaded without an API key.


URL: https://api.resrobot.se/samtrafiken/gtfs/feed_info.txt

This file is included in the GTFS standard, but is also offered as a separate download. This way you can check if the feed has been updated before downloading it.


URL: https://api.trafiklab.se/v2/samtrafiken/gtfs/extra/trafikverket_stops.txt

This file contains a mapping between national stop IDs (rikshållplatser) and Trafikverkets signatures. For example, CST -> 740000001. Only for train stations.


URL: https://api.trafiklab.se/v2/samtrafiken/gtfs/extra/agency_stops.txt

This file contains a mapping between the operators’ local IDs and the national ids (rikshållplatser). For example, the following mapping means that operator 275 uses the id 41063 for the stop with national id 740066331 .


In the GTFS agency.txt file, we find that agency_id 275 corresponds to SL. In other words, SL uses id 41063 for the stop with national id 740066331 .


One or more operators have a local id for each national id. Not every local id corresponds to a national id.

The local stop id for SL (id 275, Stockholms Lokaltrafik) is used by SL for Stop-Area. You can use SLs API SL Hållplatser och Linjer 2 to translate it to a SiteID used in other SL APIs**.**


URL: https://api.trafiklab.se/v2/samtrafiken/gtfs/extra/agency_stops_<AGENCY_ID>.txt

This file contains the same information as the agency_stops.txt file described above, but is already filtered on a given operator. Replace <agency_id> with the operator id of your choice.


URL: https://api.trafiklab.se/v2/samtrafiken/gtfs/extra/routes_technical.txt

This file maps route ids to their technical route number used by their operator. A technical route number is unique within an agency.


URL: https://api.trafiklab.se/v2/samtrafiken/gtfs/extra/trips_technical.txt

This file contains a mapping between trip ids and their corresponding technical trip numbers. The technical trip number is unique for a route in an agency. In other words, the combination of the 3 values agency_id, technical_route_number and technical_trip_number is unique. Train numbers always have their train number as technical trip number, even if the train has a public line number (for example Pendeltåg 40 i Stockholm)