Static data

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The static GTFS Sverige 2 dataset contains files describing all planned public transport data for Sweden.

In order to retrieve the static data you need an API key. Technical details for fetching the data can be found in the API’s OpenAPI specification. Trafiklabs GTFS documentation can help you to get started with GTFS files.

Where to download

The dataset can be found at{apikey}.

Replace {apikey} with your own API key. If you don´t have a key yet, read here on how to get one.

API key levels

LevelMaximum calls per minuteMaximum calls per month
Temporary upgrade2200

GTFS Extensions

GTFS Sverige 2 uses some of the GTFS Extensions.

Extended Route Types

Extended route types allow for more specific transport modes to be used. GTFS Sverige does not use the standard one digit GTFS route types, but only uses extended route types.

The following list shows the most used transport modes. This is a non-extensive list, only meant to give an idea of the types you should support. You should still be able to handle the other types in a graceful way, as new traffic may make use of them without prior warning.

101High Speed Rail ServiceX2000
102Long Distance Rail ServiceMälartåg
105Sleeper Rail ServiceNight train (Nattåg)
106Regional Rail ServiceCommuter trains (Pendeltåg)
401Metro ServiceTunnelbanan Stockholm
700Bus Service
702Express Bus Service
900Tram ServiceTrams in Göteborg
1000Water Transport ServiceSL Pendelbåt, Stockholm-Helsinki
1501Communal Taxi ServiceBuses with advance order conditions (Förbeställningstrafik)

A complete list of all route types can be found at .

Trip-to-trip transfers

GTFS Sverige 2 includes trip-to-trip transfers, which are detailed transfer rules that provide additional details on which transfers are possible, and how long they take.

Trip-to-trip transfers used to be an extension to the GTFS standard, but this extension has been formally adopted into the GTFS standard in October 2021.

Trip to trip transfers make use of the from_trip_id and to_trip_id columns in the transfers.txt file.

The from_trip_id and to_trip_id fields can contain a trip_id, as specified by trips.txt. If from_trip_id is specified, the transfer will only apply to the arriving trip with the given trip id, at the given from_stop_id. If to_trip_id is specified, the transfer will only apply to the departing trip with the given trip id, at the given to_stop_id.