Departure boards

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A departure board contains simple yet extremely useful public transport data. Departure and arrival board APIs return departures and arrivals for a stations based on its id. This means that showing a departure board consists of two parts: finding the station id, and fetching the data.

For apps and small websites

If you simply want to show the next departures on a digital signage board in shopping mall, on a smartphone, smartwatch, smart mirror or similar, you can make use of the ResRobot Stolptidstabeller 2.1 API . This API provides an easy way to fetch the departures or arrivals at any stop, either now or in the future.

Finding the id of a stop

In order to specify which station you want data from, you will need to obtain the id for that station. Follow the link below to read about the different methods to obtain the id of a stop for the ResRobot APIs.

Getting the departures or arrivals

The departures or arrivals for the chosen id can be obtained by a single request to our ResRobot Stolptidstabeller 2.1 API. Read the API documentation for more information about the parameters and response format.

For large websites and analytics

Larger websites or apps that need to handle a lot of traffic, it might be easier to create your own, local API. This can be done either through a self-hosted OpenTripPlanner instance, fed with GTFS Sverige 2 or GTFS Regional data, or by creating your own wrapper around our GTFS data.