Fault analysis

SL traveler history ( for each and every travel mode and each and every path.... example: train, bus tram, ferry.., train paths, all other travel paths.) for last 2 years

(About all the stations traveled by all the passengers at all the points of time..)

Each and every minute ( day time, night time, week days, weekends, holidays, red days, everyday...

Each type of interruption or delay (due to any type of reason) and how long it persists. (Example: the electrical lines were down from T central to Handen Centrum between 11:30 till 14 )occurred in past two years.

· The number of customers provided with the compensation for this delay and amount of compensation.

· The waiting time for the compensation (example: how long it took to avail the cab service.. lets say 10 minutes or 15 minutes or 20 minutes or any other figure.
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